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civu, a CLI for cloning git repositories from jenkins views

The other day I was starting work on a project that had a large code base spread across many git repositories. There was no defined list of which repositories I needed to clone, as it depended on what people were working on. The team had just cloned the repositories as they saw the need. I prefer to clone the whole codebase, so I have everything locally. The project used jenkins, and on jenkins there was a structure based on views. Each view was a set of builds relating to a product suite, or codebase. This meant that all the repositories I needed where listed in a view on jenkins.

Ruby Hacking the civu CLI

The weekend came and I decided to do a bit of ruby hacking. I wanted a simple CLI that would let me point at a jenkins and tell it which view I wanted to clone repositories for.

After a couple of days of hacking civu was born. CIVU is available through rubygems. Just install with gem and run it.

$ gem install civu
$ civu --help 
$ civu list viewname
$ civu clone viewname
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