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hacking kitchen tiles with coffeescript

It was finally time to spruce up ye’ ole’ kichen. I had bought the tiles in shades of brown and white. The area to tile was about 50cm tall and 250cm wide. The tiles were 10cm x 10cm with 3mm spacers for the grout. Now all that remained was to find a pattern. I tried with pen and grid paper, but could not seem to find a pattern I liked. Then the idea struck me that this would be a great opportunity to hack a bit. I decided I wanted to encode something as binary ascii in the tiles, while making a tile pattern I found appealing. I ended up using this awesome Boilerplate project using CS, AMD, Mocha and Testem by @smucode to create a small app that takes some input and converts it to binary ascii before rendering some tiles with a bit of border.


Please keep in mind that the whole thing was thrown together in an evening, so don’t expect the world. The code is on github, and running live here

The result

I was rather pleased with the end result, but better than that is that my wife ended up loving it. When I told her that I had encoded a message in the tiles, she said “you’re such a nerd” with a smile :)

The Code

The whole app is just 33 lines of coffee, and looks like this:

define ['underscore', 'jquery'], (_, $) ->
  class App
    init: =>
      main = $("#main")
      input = $("#input")
      stats = $("#stats")
      input.keyup =>
        val = @convert(input.val())
        for v in val
          main.append("<span class='#{if v is '0' then "light" else "dark"}'></span>")
        stats.text(JSON.stringify(@stats(val), null, 2))

    convert: (input) ->
      output = ''
      for char in input
        bin = char.charCodeAt(0).toString(2)
        output += "00000000#{bin}".substring(char.charCodeAt(0).toString(2).length)

    stats: (val) =>
      stats = _.countBy val, (v) =>
        if v is '0' then "zeros" else "ones"
      _.extend stats,
        count: val.length
        ratio: @reduce(stats.zeros, stats.ones).join('/')

    reduce: (num, denom) =>
      gcdFn = (a,b) ->
        if b then gcdFn(b, a % b) else a
      gcd = gcdFn num, denom
      [num / gcd, denom / gcd]

Driven forth by a test suite about equal in size:

define ['cs!src/coffee/app'], (App) ->
  describe 'App', ->

    it 'should be defined', ->

    it 'should convert text to binary ascii', ->
      app = new App
      ascii = app.convert 'foo'
      ascii.length.should.equal 24
      ascii.should.match /^[01]+$/g
      ascii.should.equal '011001100110111101101111'

    it 'should create stats from input', ->
      app = new App
      stats = app.stats '011001100110111101101111'
      console.log stats
      stats.should.have.property 'count'
      stats.count.should.equal 24
      stats.should.have.property 'zeros'
      stats.zeros.should.equal 8
      stats.should.have.property 'ones'
      stats.ones.should.equal 16
      stats.should.have.property 'ratio'
      stats.ratio.should.equal '1/2'

    it 'should reduce ratio', ->
      app = new App
      reduced = app.reduce 8, 16
      reduced.should.eql [1, 2]
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